• 生人回避5


    uccelli assassini/恐怖/英语 / 意大利语/Claudio Lattanzi/拉腊·文德尔/罗伯特·沃恩/Leslie Cumming/James Villemaire


    2019-02-08 61
  • 佛罗伦萨的瘟疫


    /恐怖/德语/Otto Rippert/Theodor Becker/Karl Bernhard/Julietta Brandt/Erner Huebsch

    Suddenly appearing in Florence, an evil seductress causes Cesare, the city's ruler, and his son to both fall madly in love with her. The son, killing his father before an...

    2019-01-15 43
  • 鲨卷风:狂暴吞噬


    Sharknado: Alimentando o Frenesi/恐怖/纪录片/英语/Jeremy Wagener/Paul Bales/Michelle Beadle/Sasha Burrow/Derek Caldwell

    What began as another Syfy creature feature has now become an important piece of pop culture - poised to take over the entire world.

    2019-01-25 15
  • I Don't Believe In Ghosts

    [2018]I Don't Believe In Ghosts[豆瓣0分]

    /恐怖/英语/William Mitchem Jr./Angela Anderson/Drew Dye/Angelina N Fox/Sydney Burdette Humphrey

    Four friends, Tucker, Joey, Bailey, and Zoe, gather at Tucker's Aunt and Uncle's cabin for a night of innocent fun. Telling Ghost stories, and playing Urban Legend games,...

    2019-01-26 44
  • H.P. Lovecraft 集锦鬼故事之寒气逼人

    [1999]H.P. Lovecraft 集锦鬼故事之寒气逼[豆瓣0分]

    H.P. Lovecraft Collection Volume 2: Cool Air/H.P. Lovecraft 集锦鬼故事之寒气逼人/恐怖/英语/Bryan Moore/Jack Donner ... Doctor Muñoz

    Randolph Carter moves into a squalid boarding house in the summer of 1925 where he becomes friends with a mysterious doctor who revives him after a near-fatal heart attac...

    2018-12-28 96
  • 魔斬子 II Lumière noire et noir blanc 序曲

    [2010]魔斬子 II Lumière noire et noir b[豆瓣0分]



    2019-01-06 117
  • 杀人魔域


    杀人魔域/烂泥城/恐怖/英语/Greg Lamberson/Robert C. Sabin/Mary Huner/T.J. Merrick/Dennis Embry


    2019-02-13 40
  • Candie's Harem

    [2015]Candie's Harem[豆瓣0分]

    /恐怖/英语/Michael Wade Johnson/Portia Chellelynn/James Matthew Fuller/Joe DeBartolo

    Candie is a bisexual who has a perfect setup with multiple partners until everyone starts dying around her.

    2019-01-21 114
  • The Devil's Warehouse

    [2016]The Devil's Warehouse[豆瓣0分]

    /恐怖/英语/Luis Antonio Rodriguez/Jason Cabell/吉尔莫·伊万/Viva Zworski

    A group of students go out to investigate paranormal happenings at a warehouse.

    2018-12-28 65
  • 救命


    /恐怖/惊悚/北印度语/Rajeev Virani/Bobby Deol/Jyoti Dogra/Salim Fatehi/Mugdha Godse

    《救命》讲述了一个恐怖幽灵拒绝离开人间,想要伺机报复,将自己所受的苦难强加给其他人的恐怖故事 。 主角Vic(Bobby Deol饰)是一名事业有成的宝莱坞恐怖片导演,他与Pia(Mugdha G...

    2019-02-11 39
  • 真实医生游戏




    2019-01-15 29
  • 新几内亚岛的食人族


    /恐怖/纪录片/意大利语 / 日语/Akira Ide/菲利普亲王/伊丽莎白二世

    2018-12-27 44
  • 完全実話 百万人の恐い動画 真夜中の怪談

    [2017]完全実話 百万人の恐い動画 真夜中の[豆瓣0分]


    数々の心霊系書籍を手掛けてきた住倉カオス監督による最恐動画シリーズ。実際に体験した恐怖の話、知人や友人から聞いたおぞましい体験談など、お笑い芸人・ありがとう ぁみら怪談界...

    2019-02-04 33
  • Patterns to Follow

    [2017]Patterns to Follow[豆瓣0分]

    /恐怖/短片/英语/James Quinn/Andreas Radlherr/Dajana Rajic/Janis Bernhardt/Mona Heiden-Roth

    2019-01-15 38
  • 鬼眨眼


    /恐怖/纪录片/英语/Erik Kristopher Myers/Alyssa Dalgleish/Steven M. Edwards/Gavin York/Erik Kristopher Myers

    A filmmaker discovers a box of video tapes depicting two students' disturbing film project featuring a local horror legend, The Peeping Tom. As he sets out to prove this ...

    2018-12-26 117
  • 钩子上的三块肉



    2019-02-17 39
  • 遗愿



    After the death of his father, Aaron returns home to help his grief-stricken mother and to confront his past. Going through his dad's belongings, he comes across a myster...

    2019-02-12 38
  • First Glance

    [2013]First Glance[豆瓣0分]

    /恐怖/英语/Aaron Courseault/JoJo Ryder/Brandi Burnside

    2019-01-21 14
  • 血腥兄弟会


    /恐怖/英语/Daniel Robbins/扎克里·伯德/菲利普·安德瑞·波铁洛/亚伦·达拉·维拉/扎克·维纳

    A group of college freshmen pledge an exclusive fraternity but soon realize there's more at stake than they could have ever imagined.

    2019-01-21 77
  • Desert of Death

    [2006]Desert of Death[豆瓣0分]

    /恐怖/英语/Ace Cruz/Brittney Bomann

    2018-12-27 13
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