• 神秘博士元旦特辑:新年决心


    New Year's Day Specials — Episode 1: Resolution/毒液:不辱使命/科幻/悬疑/英语/杰米·奇尔兹/朱迪·惠特克/夏洛特·里奇/布莱德利·沃尔什/托辛·科尔


    doctor who resolution.2019.web-dl.1080p.h264.aac.eng.956.83MB

    2019-02-18 13
  • 64号病历


    悬案密码4/犯罪/悬疑/惊悚/丹麦语 / 西班牙语 / 阿拉伯语/克里斯托弗·鲍伊/法瑞斯·法瑞斯/尼古拉·雷·卡斯/尼可拉斯·布若/安德斯·霍夫


    The Purity of Vengeance (2018) BluRay 720p x264 1GB-.1.01GB

    2019-02-18 11
  • 你想去哪儿,亲爱的?


    Where are you going, Habibi?/剧情/同性/德语/Tor Iben/Cem Alkan/Martin Walde/奈尔·马利克·阿卜杜拉/欧扎·费什特

    WHERE ARE YOU GOING, HABIBI? is a witty film that explores love from different cultural background. Ibo comes from a conservative Turkish family in Be...

    2019-02-18 12
  • 成长


    Growth/剧情/Dutch/Sil Van Der Woerd/Medi Broekman/埃格伯特·让·魏伯/吉斯·布洛姆/Sil Bosch

    Growth is about a family that moves in a new house and lives there for twenty years. All in one shot.

    2019-02-18 10
  • 阿萨德


    /剧情/短片/冒险/索马里语/布莱恩·巴克利/Najah Abdi Abdullahi/Hussein Abdi Mohamed/Maymum Abdi Mohamed/Yasmin Abdi Mohamed

    A coming of age fable of a Somali boy as he struggles to survive in his war-torn land.

    2019-02-18 10
  • Narendra Makan Jayakanthan Vaka

    [2001]Narendra Makan Jayakanthan Vaka[豆瓣0分]

    //马拉雅拉姆语 Malayalam/Sathyan Anthikad/Kunchacko Boban/Samyuktha Varma/阿辛

    A man (K Boban) returns to his native village to claim his father's property. But his time in the village is complicated by his parents relatives and ...

    2019-02-18 10
  • 卡麦隆


    Camaron Gust Fwoles/Camaron/卡麦隆/传记/剧情/歌舞/西班牙语/Jaime Chavarri/Óscar Jaenada/Verónica Sánchez/Merçè Llorens


    2019-02-18 10
  • 米切尔20


    /纪录片//Andrew James Benson/

    This is the story of teachers as heroes during a tough time to be a teacher. In 2007, one teacher at Mitchell School in Phoenix, AZ set out to change ...

    2019-02-18 10
  • 万无一失


    /喜剧/法语/Antoine Blossier/Marc Lavoine/Louise Grinberg/托马·索利韦尔/La Fouine

    Lycée Le Corbusier, un lycée quelconque ou presque... Greg passe son bac cette année et c'est loin d'être gagné. Pour continuer à vivre son gran...

    2019-02-18 10
  • 雷米奇遇记


    苦儿流浪记(台)/无亲的雷米/Rémi, Nobody's Boy/剧情/法语/Antoine Blossier/丹尼尔·奥特伊/玛勒姆·帕坎/维吉妮·拉朵嫣/雅克·贝汉


    2019-02-18 10
  • 下流的海女


    Nasty Diver/剧情/日语/藤浦敦/梓阳子/牧れいか/中岛葵/中西良太


    2019-02-17 185
  • 冲击头魂


    冲击头的灵魂/传记/动画/纪录片/英语/Simon Pummell/Hugo Koolschijn/Anniek Pheifer/汤姆·霍夫曼

    In 1903 Daniel Paul Schreber published Memoirs of My Nervous Illness, one of the most remarkable studies of madness 'from the inside' ever written. Sc...

    2019-02-17 12
  • 艰难时刻


    В трудный час/剧情/俄语/Ilya Gurin/


    2019-02-17 17
  • Весна


    Spring//俄語/Yevgeny Yufit/Vasili Deryagin/Denis Kuzmin

    One of the film in Yevgeny Yufit Necrorealism Vol.1

    2019-02-17 13
  • Воля


    Der Wille/The Will//俄語/Yevgeny Yufit/

    Yufit is one of the most radical artists. His radicalism lies in his steadfast artistic and social stance. Death and human psychopathology are the uns...

    2019-02-17 14
  • Санитары-оборотни


    Werewolf Orderlies/Sanitary-oborotni//俄語/Yevgeny Yufit/Igor Bezrukov/Sergei Tsvetkov

    One of film in Yevgeny Yufit Necrorealism Vol.1

    2019-02-17 12
  • 樵夫


    Woodcutter/樵夫//俄語/Yevgeny Yufit/

    An eccentric reel comedy where countless scuffles, pursuit scenes, murders, and suicides interweave with the Soviet peace symbol - Pioneers releasing ...

    2019-02-17 12
  • Рыцари поднебесья

    []Рыцари поднебесья[豆瓣0分]

    Knights of Heaven//俄語/Yevgeny Yufit/

    In 1989 Yufit was invited to participate in the experimental workshop of filmmaker Alexander Sokurov, at Lenfilm Studios.It is here that Yufit shot hi...

    2019-02-17 11
  • 斯大林的葬礼


    Stalin's Funeral/Pokhorony Stalina/剧情/爱情/俄语 / 英语/Yevgeni Yevtushenko/叶夫盖尼·叶甫图申科/Vanessa Redgrave/Aleksey Batalov/Georgi Yumatov

    《幼儿园》的导演,诗人、作家Yevgeni Yevtushenko的作品。

    斯大林的葬禮/Pokhorony Stalina/Stalin's Funeral(1990.1.36GB
    斯大林的葬禮/Pokhorony Stalina/Stalin's Funeral(1990.4.24GB

    2019-02-17 38
  • 女教師・痴女電車 我慢できない女

    [1998]女教師・痴女電車 我慢できない女[豆瓣0分]



    2019-02-17 64
  • 女囚 肉体懲罰房

    [2000]女囚 肉体懲罰房[豆瓣0分]

    Joshû: Nikutai chôbatsu-bô/剧情/情色/日语/神野太/木村衣里/史城未貴/浅倉麗/麻生みゅう


    2019-02-17 100
  • 忐忑


    Shadow of the Stiarcases/剧情/短片/汉语普通话/王凱林/


    2019-02-17 13
  • 在城市中她无法逃避的东西


    The Things She Can't Avoid in the City/动画/短片/韩语/PARK Ji-yeon/

    She is weary of life in a city of demolition. Her house, stranded helplessly in the air by a tower crane, is a metaphor for her rootless life. It is n...

    2019-02-17 13
  • Αντίο ζωή

    [1960]Αντίο ζωή[豆瓣0分]

    Antio zoi/Goodbye Life///Orestis Laskos/

    A woman happy with her husband and child recalls that she has cancer and tries to secure their happiness after her death, hoping to learn nothing abou...

    2019-02-17 13
  • 仁义4



    大ヒットを記録し続ける極道アクションの決定版『仁義』シリーズの第4弾が遂に登場! 今や砂組理事の地位に座る仁と義郎。彼らを良しとしない反町と言う男が現...

    2019-02-17 17
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