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【主演】: Maurice Dean Wint/Rachael Crawford/Clark Johnson/Richard Chevolleau
【标签】: 犯罪/剧情
【上映时间】: 1995-08-31(加拿大)
【片长】: 89
【评分】:豆瓣:0 ,IMDB:6.1
【IMDb链接】: tt0114305
【编辑整理】: [下片片网]www.xiepp.com


在这部Rude犯罪/剧情片中,The inner-city struggle for respect bears out in the lives of everyone who deals with life in the urban streets. Jessica, a rookie cop, is all that stands between her ex-con husband [who happens to be a recently paroled graffiti artist] and the violence of the underworld. Maxine, a beautiful artist, faces powerful questions of sexuality. And Jordan, a tortured young boxer, fights for his identity in the streets. Their moving stories and powerful action are rivetingly linked by the sultry voice of sexy radio D.J. Rude.

This is the Easter weekend. In an inner city project, three people struggle against their demons and try to find redemption. They are Maxine, a window dresser depressed since she had an abortion and lost her lover ; Jordan, a boxer who has indulged in gay-bashing ; and 'The General', a drug dealer turned artist.


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