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【导演】:Sean Bloomfield
【标签】: 纪录片
【上映时间】: 2016-08(美国)
【片长】: 115
【原名】:Apparition Hill
【评分】:豆瓣:0 ,IMDB:8.5
【IMDb链接】: tt5260002
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在这部Apparition Hill纪录片片中,Seven strangers investigate a place of miracles, the small town of Medjugorje, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where six children claim to have witnessed apparitions of the Virgin Mary in 1981. Millions of people have journeyed to Medjugorje to see for themselves, and nearly all describe a sense of peace they've never felt before. Could it be real? These seven strangers investigate the truth: a young mother with stage 4 cancer, an atheist from England, a man suffering from ALS, a heroin addict and former felon, an atheist police officer, a father of nine who lost his wife to cancer, and a woman questioning her faith. Will their climb up Apparition Hill lead them to a modern-day miracle or a spectacular hoax?

Seven strangers journey to a village in Bosnia-Herzegovina to investigate reports of miracles and supernatural phenomena. Join two atheists, one believer, a mother struggling with cancer, a man diagnosed with ALS, a struggling addict, and a woman questioning her faith as they search for answers to life's big questions on Apparition Hill, a film by Sean Bloomfield and Cimela Kidonakis.

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